All our receptacles are made of 100% recyclable metal. They are zinc plated and powdered coated to be weatherproof. Can be bolted to the ground or with a metal cable.
The Cowboy Design is a great addition to any outdoor smoking area. The receptacle is made of 100% recyclable metal and has been treated to withstand weather elements. This particular design is modeled after the great western era and can be a perfect gift or for great commercial use. All the receptacles are hand crafted and assembled with U.S.
The receptacles have a built in area on the base that can be used to bolt down the receptacles to prevent theft. The second option is to secure them with a metal cable and lock using the back hoop in the receptacle.
The receptacle can be cleaned using water and soap. It is recommended to first check a small area before using any chemical cleaning solutions in order to avoid damage.